Notes From Church


For all the single ladies and gentlemen. 

God Answers.

Me: I feel so ugly, fat, and worthless..

God: You're beautiful, the perfect size, and you mean everything to me.

Me: I'm just so worried, and I can't sleep.. I'm exhausted.

God: Give me all your problems, and I will give you rest.

Me: I'm dirty, rotten, and I'll never be able to fix my mistakes.

God: I forgive you, I accept you. Come, I will give you freedom from your past!

Me: I can't do this anymore! My heart is broken.. I give up.

God: Hand me every piece of your heart, and I promise I will fix it.

Me: Nobody ever notices me.. I just wish someone cared.

God: I notice everything, and nobody will ever care about you like I do.

Me: Nobody loves me, and they never will!

God: I died for you, and have loved you with an everlasting love.

“Get drunk on His presence.”